• ” I was lucky to come across Ms Shalini Pandey as my counsellor. She customized questionnaire in a methodical, meticulous and smart way to bring out emotions, feelings and baggage I never knew ,I was carrying. Her compassionate and logical solutions made me more aware of how to act in emotional crisis. Thank you Shalini.  You were God sent and empowered me to face life challenges more mindfully and with courage.”-Gopi, India
  • ” She is very easy and comfortable to talk to & I could open up to her with much ease. Her questions are very much to-the-point and make one delve into the caves of own mind and often dig for the hidden answers. She is very professional, patient and noble. I would anytime recommend a consultation with Shalini to a struggling soul.”- Satya, India
  • “You are a great person with one of the best qualities of listening to other’s pain / problems which helps people in their grief. I really enjoy your company and the comfort-ability that i can speak my heart out. Whenever we talk I can share all my feelings without  any hesitation. This quality helped me many times. After talking with you and your healing responses of my situation made me really relaxed , light and more confident, you don’t even know how this really boosted me. Thank you Shalini Pandey”- Vandy, USA

  • You never never fail to lift other’s spirit. You are a gentle soul”- Chitra, USA
  • Dear Shalini, you are a strong, beautiful and encouraging woman. You never fail to encourage and support those around you. Thank you for showing strength despite what life throws at us and for showing me how strong someone can be.”- Shree, Australia
  • ” Shalini, you are a woman of strength and dedication. You have a kind heart and are always motivating us not just with your consistency to keep on with our healthy lifestyles, but you help us to see the best in ourselves with your encouragement and the good you see in each of us”- Jose, Canada
  • “I look forward to you for a confident advice because you have a non judgmental heart, if not a solution definitely after talking to you one easily gets a self reflection”- Ruby, India
  • ” You always supported me and heard me when no one even wanted to listen to me. You always trusted  me and you made me believe that I can come out of  the darkness and shine bright again. You really helped me find my self-worth and I am able to love my self again. Thank you for always listening to me, encouraging me and supporting me”- Shalu, India.
  • ” Every talk with you has made a difference dear, I enjoy talking to you, your presence is like a stress buster, you are so lively, jovial, full of life with lot of energy, you have the capacity to spread your positive energy all over.”- Bharti, India
  • “They say love has no colour, although we haven’t met physically but I feel like we are a family and that’s because you are an amazing personality, always looking at lifting people up and being there for them, not minding who they are or where they are from. You do not judge your clients and i love this fact. Sometimes I wish we are not so far apart, you sure would have been having a monthly visitor”- Queen, Nigeria
  • You always try to make other people feel special and independent about themselves. You try to fill positivity in others life” – Khushboo, India

Disclaimer: All these reviews and countries are genuine. Only the names have been changed to protect the identity