Shalini Pandey



Motivational Speaker

Life Strategist

Skilled and compassionate relationship counselor with strong background and over a decade of experience in helping people overcome their personal, professional and emotional challenges. Focused on facilitating exploration of issues, developing individualized plans and developing important skills are some of her expertise. A certified life coach, relationship counselor, meditation coach, she understands the importance of a calm mind to excel in any field of life.

Shalini Pandey, who worked with Stratcore Group for more than 15 years is a former defense journalist, content writer, and Chief of Bureau. She interviewed many prominent people across the world, travelled to various destinations as an academician and researcher. She published more than 100 articles in a publication called Strategic Affairs. She has successfully organised more than 20 international and domestic conferences as the Program Head of CASS India, which is an outfit of Stratcore Group. She is known for her oratory and writing skills. 

She counsels people from all walks of life. She loves interacting with new people and travelling. A part time blogger and full time mother, she has helped many people see their life and situations from a different prism.

“Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with like minded people.”

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